Image Courtesy of VDRG Dansschool

Image Courtesy of VDRG Dansschool

Back by popular demand, yet another list of brain break clips for classroom use!  These videos, in addition to the ones featured in my other articles 20 Brain Break Clips:  Fight the Fidgeting!20 Brain Break Clips:  Movin’ and Groovin’!20 Brain Break Clips:  Dance Like No One’s Watching!, and Brain Break Videos:  The Ultimate Holiday Collection gives you access to 100+ energizing videos for classroom use.  Here are two tips that I use in my classroom to ensure that brain break time doesn’t turn into a free for all… 🙂

1) Assign a Dancing Bubble:  Have the children spread out and pick a ‘dancing bubble’ somewhere in the classroom.  This will be their go-to spot each time a brain break opportunity presents itself. They will remain in this dance space during the videos.  Not only will this help eliminate potential behavior issues, but it will make the transition into the brain break quick and seamless as well.

2) DJ for the Day:  As the children grow accustomed to doing these brain break videos, like most things, they will form favorites.  To avoid the shouting battles over which video to play, choose a DJ for the day. You may want to do this by a fair popsicle stick pick n’ pull or as an incentive for good behavior.  Whatever works for you!

*Be sure to pull up privately before broadcasting to avoid any questionable ads!

1)  Kids in America Wii Rip Video

2)  Sonic Elektrika Video

3)  Monkey See Monkey Do Video

4)  Despicable Me Wii Rip Video

5)  Recycle Robot Video

6)  Smurf It Wii Dance Party Video

7)  Jack’s Big Music Show Rock and Roll Freeze Dance Video

8)  The Learning Station’s Dancing Robots Video

9)  Rocketeer Wii Rip Video

10) Just Dance Disney Hawaiian Roller Coaster Video

11)  Just Dance Kids Surfin’ U.S.A. Video

12)  Jump Up Wii Rip Video

13)  Baby Shark Video

14)  Count to Ten Freeze Dance Video

15)  Koo Koo Kangaroo Awesome Rainbows Video

16)  Gitchi Gitchi Goo Video

17)  Land of 1000 Dances Wii Workout Video

18)  Macarena Count to 100 Video

19)  ABC Song Just Dance Kids

20)  The Lion Sleeps Tonight Wii Rip Video

If you like these, be sure to check out Brain Break Videos:  The Ultimate Holiday Collection and, a new site that offers yoga, breathing, dance, and exercise videos for the classroom.   

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