I remember my first year of teaching like it was yesterday…

I wrapped up my student-teaching experience on a Friday, and luckily, landed a job which began the very next Monday.  Talk about a whirlwind!

I was given the ‘spill over’ class at a Title 1 school since their numbers got too large.  I’ll never forget being escorted by my principal to my very first classroom that cold December day, only to get there and realize that there were no desks, no chairs, no computers, no…anything!

I distinctly remember there being a globe, though.  Yep, definitely a globe.

Turns out this new position opening was just as much of a whirlwind for them as it was for me!  But hey…I was actually going to get paid to work, so I was stoked!  🙂

So, for all you new teachers out there, this one’s for you.  Sarah, a first-year teacher teaching abroad in the Philippines, wrote in…

Hello Bevin. I have loved looking through your blog. It is very helpful, especially all the information about the brain breaks! I was a Psychology and Early Childhood Education double major. I will be starting my first year of teaching this fall in kindergarten. While in college, lesson plans were done to the max: every detail, supply list, every thing you could think of. I’m having trouble finding the balance between what I need in my lesson plans, and what was just extra. Any information you could share with me would be wonderful. I’m very nervous (as I’m sure that is normal) and excited to meet my kiddos, but still a little bit nervous!  Thank you so much!

Tune into this week’s episode of Ask-a-Teacher Tuesday to discover 5 helpful tips for new teachers.

And please, show us some love!

What advice do you think Sarah and the rest of our new teachers out there need to hear?  Have a funny first-year anecdote? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!  🙂

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