Hi folks!

So, I’m curious.

How long have you been teaching?  And, in that amount of time, have you ever felt the dire need to revamp who you are as a teacher?

As promised, I am coming to you with the very first episode of Ask-a-Teacher Tuesday.  Our first featured question comes from a very brave 2nd grade teacher from Florida who asked…

Hi Bevin. I’m reaching out to you for a little help. Sometime over the last ten years I went from being a humble gentle loving teacher to this bossy, impatient, harsh, mean person. I hate it and I don’t want teaching to feel like a job. I want to feel my first love again. How can I make the change to be the best teacher I can be?

This question really struck me, and I so appreciate this teacher’s honesty and bravery.

Tune into this Ask-a-Teacher Tuesday: Reigniting a Passion for Teaching video for 5 tips on how to relight a dwindling flame.  Check out The Heart of Positive Discipline and Teaching is Tough: Stay Positive as referenced in the video as well.

Thanks!  🙂


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