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Annnnnd more brain break videos!  These clips should help give your students the energy release they need around the holidays.  They are perfect for holiday parties, too.  If you have any others, please send them my way!  Enjoy!  🙂

Tip:  Be sure to pull up privately before broadcasting to avoid any questionable ads.


Just Dance 2 ‘Monster Mash’ Video

Super Simple Songs ‘The Skeleton Dance’ Video

Just Dance ‘Ghostbusters’ Video

Harry Kindergarten’s ‘If You’re a Kid Halloween Remix’ Video

Kiboomu Kids’ Songs ‘Shake Dem Halloween Bones’ Video


‘You Can’t Stuff This’ Video

The Learning Station’s ‘Monster Shuffle’ Video


Just Dance 2 ‘Santa Clones Crazy Christmas’ Video

Nickelodeon Dance ‘Sleigh Ride’ Video

Just Dance Kids 2 ‘Jingle Bells’ Video

‘Crazy Santa Dance’ Video

KidsTV123 ‘The Dancing Christmas Tree’ Video

Harry Kindergarten’s ‘If You’re a Kid Christmas Remix’ Video

Kiboomu Kids’ Songs ‘Reindeer Pokey’ Video


Kidz Bop ‘Oh Hanukkah’ Video

Kidz Bop ‘Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel’ Video


Sesame Street’s ‘Kwanzaa Dancing with Elmo’ Video

100th Day of School

Dr. Jean’s ‘Macarena Count to 100’ Video

Have Fun Teaching ‘Counting by Fives’ Video

Valentine’s Day

Just Dance Kids ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ Video

Jack Hartmann’s ‘Valentine’s Day Party Dance’ Video

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

‘Let’s Dance with Cat in the Hat’ Video

Saint Patrick’s Day

Jib Jab ‘Leprechaun Dance’ Video

Earth Day

The Three R’s ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ Video

Mr. Eco ‘Recycle Robot’ Video

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