Trending TechLet’s be honest. New technology tools can sometimes be frustrating to figure out.
That’s why I’m a big fan of online tutorials. Why spend time (you don’t have) grappling with the unknown when there is a perfectly capable ‘techie’ somewhere out there who has already done the legwork for you!

Below you will find a list of 7 trending tech tools specifically designed for assessment purposes. With strategic integration, these tools will help you enhance instruction while providing you with a comprehensive picture to help drive student learning and achievement. Ooh, and don’t forget to check out the tutorials!


  1. Kahoot:  This digital, game-based platform allows teachers to create and share meaningful, interactive learning activities.
  2. Nearpod:  This multimedia presentation and real-time assessment tool gives teachers the opportunity to design, customize, and share lessons.
  3. Socrative:  This student-response system allows teachers to administer a wide variety of tailor-made assessments.
  4. Plickers:  This quick polling tool allows teachers to assess their class through the use of printable cards and just one mobile device.
  5. Formative: This online assignment and assessment platform lets teachers access live results and administer feedback.
  6. Little Bird Tales: This easy-to-use, web-based program allows students to share their knowledge and voice through digital storytelling.
  7. Kidblog:  This unique web tool gives students the opportunity to communicate and safely publish their learning via digital portfolios.

I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few. What are your favorites? Please share any tools you’ve found helpful for formatively assessing your students. The more the merrier!


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