Let me take a moment to introduce you to Kemp!

To us, he’s just our adorable son, “The Kempster.” However, many people call him Kemp “The Warrior” Reinen. This is because he was born with a severe congenital heart defect (CHD) called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Simply put, he was born with half of a heart.

It’s hard to believe this from looking at him, I know!

At four days old, Kemp underwent his first of what would be three open heart surgeries throughout the first three years of his life to reconstruct his heart. It was quite the experience, but we’re full of gratitude for how well he did. Every day with our little man is truly a gift! Having a child born with CHD has been challenging, but it has also taught us more about life and love than we ever could have imagined.

While Kemp’s specific condition is quite rare, CHD is far more common than most realize, affecting one out of every 100 babies. About 25% of these children (like Kemp) have critical CHD, requiring surgery within their first year of life to survive. Even with successful surgery, they still need life-long care and other potential interventions. There’s no real fix…yet.

This is why 50% of Teach.Train.Love.’s ad revenue will fund medical research for CHD as well as practical support for children and families. Our 2022 earnings will be donated to the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation, a non-profit organization near and dear to our hearts.

Science, technology, and care for children with CHD have made leaps and bounds over the past few decades. This brings heart families like ours the greatest of hope!

I am happy to be able to use this platform not only to serve the educational community, but to also lend a hand to help hearts.

Thank you for supporting this cause. Quite literally, each and every one of your clicks counts!



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