The Ripple Effect: Inspiring Change

Hey Bevin! Do me a favor and make at least one ripple today! One of our well-loved division leaders once shouted this to me in passing, and needless to say, it resonated. In this casual, impromptu moment, I believe he was alluding to the ripple effect. The ripple effect...

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13 Animal Videos for PreK-3 Students

Animals are an essential part of the science curriculum. Here is a collection of 18 instructional animal videos and songs for PreK-3 learners, covering topics such as habitats, body coverings, methods of movement, food chains, hibernation, migration, and more! These clips are both educational and entertaining. I hope you find strategic...

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Twitter Education Chats for Newbies

I don’t use Twitter for noteworthy news. I don’t use it for socializing with friends. I don’t use it for posting photos of my meals, nor do I use it for keeping up with the Kardashians. I use it for professional learning. Twitter is an incredible digital resource for educators...

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