20 Alternatives to Saying “Good Job”

Good job, Tyler! Fantastic work, Kiara! Well done, Juan! These well-intentioned forms of traditional praise are ubiquitous in early childhood settings, but what ​really ​do these positive affirmations communicate to young learners? Teachers, parents, and caregivers typically say words such as “good job” to celebrate children’s work and instill in...

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Parent Partnerships: Volunteers for Learning

Parent partnerships are crucial! Creating a variety of opportunities for parents to volunteer throughout the year can truly change the dynamic of the classroom for the better. Rather than using parent volunteers for standard organizational tasks only, integrate opportunities for them to truly support instruction. They can provide the additional...

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Rainy Day: Beat the Blues with Learning

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Your poor child is boring! Here are five fun activities you can do at home with your child that promote learning when stuck inside on a rainy day. 1.  Make a Cake:  Cooking with children reinforces several important skills that will help your child succeed...

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