15 Ways to Inspire Movement in Class

*Originially published on Becker’s Insight’s on Early Learning Blog. “The development of the mind comes through movement.” ~Maria Montessori Movement is essential in the early years. Students learn by doing and need ample opportunities throughout the day to engage their minds and bodies. Active learning environments allow students to...

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Play IS Research: 6 Stages of Social Play

*Originally published on Becker’s Insights on Early Learning blog. “Play is the highest form of research.” ~Albert Einstein Since the start of my career as an early childhood educator, I’ve always advocated for play. It’s no secret in our profession that students learn and develop best when engaging in...

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Are Kids Failing Kindergarten Or Is It Failing Them?

*Originally published on Becker’s Insights on Early Learning blog. What happened to kindergarten? Is kindergarten the new first grade? Are kids failing kindergarten or is kindergarten failing them? Over the past two decades, kindergarten classrooms nationwide have become increasingly academic as a result of the pressures of high-stakes testing...

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Let Them Play: 6 Ways to Promote Play

*Originally published on Becker’s Insights on Early Learning blog  Play matters! In fact, it’s perhaps the most essential element of children’s learning. Play is crucial to brain development as well as the health and well-being of early learners. It fosters physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills while cultivating creativity and...

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Readers’ Theater: 10 Ways to Rev It Up!

Readers’ theater is one of the cornerstones of my reading instruction. I’m not talking about the stand in a straight line and read your parts to the class kind of readers’ theater (though, that’s how we start). I’m talking about the lights, camera, ACTION kind of readers’ theater. It’s...

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