Have you seen my posts on brain breaks yet?  If not, they are definitely worth checking out.

Brain Breaks:  Fight the Fidgeting actually made the 2013 Top Pins of Pinterest list!  It’s been shared on social media over 154,000 times!  Take a peek at Brain Breaks:  Movin’ and Groovin’, Brain Breaks:  Keep on Rockin’, and Brain Breaks:  The Ultimate Holiday Collection, too.

I know that teachers are loving these interactive, dancing brain break videos and don’t want you to miss out in the fun.  🙂  They are the perfect way to help children get their wiggles out during the instructional day.

So…I actually received this week’s featured question in person from a fellow teacher in passing.  She was curious if I had any tips for how to manage students during brain break time.

And yes, I do!

Check out this week’s Ask-a-Teacher Tuesday clip for 3 strategies on how to make brain break time both enjoyable and productive.

Have you implemented any specific strategies that are you working for you in your class?  Also, which brain breaks do your students like the best?

Please share your ideas in the comments section below!



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