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Hello educators!  What is ‘Reading is Fun’ Day?  I thought you’d never ask!  ‘Reading is Fun’ Day gives children the opportunity to showcase their creativity and practice their oral presentation skills, while reviewing key reading concepts covered in class.

My class participates in this special day at the start of each year, as it generates excitement about reading right from the get-go!  Children pick a favorite book and complete one of three literacy activities in place of their regular weekly homework. On the designated day, the kids come into school ready to share/discuss their book of choice with their peers via whole-class presentations, buddy talks, mix-pair-shares, etc.  By the close of the day, children are equipped with a list of new books they’d like to read based on the personal input of their classmates.

The choices below are geared towards the first grade learner, but can be tweaked as needed to fit your curriculum needs.

*Gimme Five!

Have your child pick a non-fiction (informative book) about a topic of interest (ex. snakes, volcanoes, karate, ballet, a famous person, etc.) Students will need to create a poster displaying the following:

1)    Artistic representation of topic (illustration, collection of photographs, painting, etc.)  Be creative!

2)    Five facts listed on the poster board (available upon request) that your child learned from reading the book.

*Story Sack

Have your child choose a fiction (make-believe) story.  Students will need to bring in a cool bag containing items that will help your child explain what their story is about.  These items should help them describe characters, setting, and problem.  Please do not include the solution (or ending) of the story, as my hope is other children will want to read the same book later to find out what happens!

*Character Monologue

Have your child choose a fiction (make-believe) story.  Students will need to:

1)     Write a speech from the point of view of the main character.  In this speech, the character can talk about things they like to do, their friends/enemies, what they are trying to accomplish, a problem they have, etc.

2)    Read the monologue to the class dressed as their character!  They can put on their props or costumes here at school.  Acting/unusual voices welcome!

I hope you find this post helpful in your quest to creating life-long readers!  Be sure to take LOTS of pictures.  Thanks!





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