Sight words are essential for promoting students’ growth in reading and writing, but we all know that they can be tricky to learn and students often grow bored trying to memorize them. Here are several fun, easy-to-implement ways to help students practice sight words while playing some of the most well-known childhood games:

1.  Bananagrams:  Bananagrams are great for building words and come in a small, convenient pouches which can be  easily tucked away into a cubby after use.

2.  Twister:  Write or tape down sight words on each dot of the Twister mat. Have students read each word that they step on or touch while playing the game. To increase difficulty, encourage students to trace the sight word with their fingers or toes (this could get a little interesting).

3.  Candy Land:  Write sight words on the game spaces of the Candy Land trail. Have students read the words while moving spaces. You can arrange them in order of difficulty. So, save those really tough ones for King Kandy’s Castle!

4.  Jenga:  Tape or write words on each Jenga block. Players must read each block pulled and use it in a sentence.

5.  Operation:  Create word cards for students to select. Each time a card is picked/read/spelled, the doctor receives permission to operate.

6. Don’t Break the Ice:  Write a sight word on each block of ice. Have students read aloud each word/cube knocked out of the rink.

7.  Hopscotch:  Create a hopscotch board outside on the pavement with chalk. Have students write a sight word inside each box to be called out while hopping along.

8. Flashlight Game:  Place several index cards with sight words written on them in different areas of your classroom. Turn the lights off, and have students go on a hunt with a buddy.

9.  Horse:  Post some sight words on the poles or backboard of the school’s basketball hoops. You can do this with a miniature hoop inside the classroom also.  Instead of using the word “horse”, have them use sight words while playing the shooting game!

10.  Bingo:  Have students fill in a blank bingo board using their current sight words. Give them little manipulatives or pieces of candy to keep track of the words you read aloud.  Play as many times as needed!

Have more ideas? Please share!

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