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It’s no facade. I am a lover of all things education, and am completely committed to pushing myself and others to strive for both growth and excellence within this awe-inspiring profession. I stumbled upon this quote the other day which resonated with me, “It is beautiful when a career and passion come together.” These ten words exemplify my feelings. I truly do love this work because it matters. Every. Single. Day.

So, how did I get here? I graduated from Mary Washington College with a B.A. in English and Old Dominion University with an M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood Education. I spent about ten years in the classroom working with students in grades PreK-3. During that time, I held true to one simple and definitive idea…students learn best when they feel loved. Dr. James Comer wrote, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” These words are my mantra.

As a teacher, I was honored to receive recognition for my efforts in the classroom, as well as many unique teacher leadership opportunities. This, naturally, lead me to make the transition into a new role as a professional learning specialist. My primary responsibility now is leading our division’s New Teacher Mentor Program, which is incredibly exciting and rewarding as well. 

I consider myself an educator by day, and writer/doctoral student by night. I am currently working to earn an Ed.D. in K-12 Leadership through Regent University, and do freelance writing on the side. Some of my work has appeared in national publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul; Married Life, Hallmark’s Thank You, Mom book, and Boys’ Quest magazine for kids. I helped produce the site EarlyChildhoodTeacher.org for aspiring, rookie, and veteran teachers also. I love taking on new, interesting projects in my spare time. One day, I hope to author a children’s book and educational text (or two). Stay tuned!

This blog serves as an outlet for me to share my thoughts, experiences, resources, etc. My involvement in the social media world has allowed me to connect with some amazing educators. I continue to learn from all of you, and hope you are able to take something away from this site that helps you strengthen your craft as well.  I appreciate your visit!


Bevin K. Reinen

Hampton Roads Magazine Top Teacher Overall 2011

VBCPS City-Wide Teacher of the Year 2015

Virginia Region II Teacher of the Year 2015

ASCD Emerging Leader 2016






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