Dismantling Racism: Equity in ECE

“The time is always right to do what is right.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s a pivotal time in our country as more and more Americans join the #BlackLivesMatter movement. White Americans, like myself, are being called upon to stand up and fight against the racism which still sadly...

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15 Ways to Inspire Movement in Class

*Originially published on Becker’s Insight’s on Early Learning Blog. “The development of the mind comes through movement.” ~Maria Montessori Movement is essential in the early years. Students learn by doing and need ample opportunities throughout the day to engage their minds and bodies. Active learning environments allow students to...

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20 Alternatives to Saying “Good Job”

Good job, Tyler! Fantastic work, Kiara! Well done, Juan! These well-intentioned forms of traditional praise are ubiquitous in early childhood settings, but what ​really ​do these positive affirmations communicate to young learners? Teachers, parents, and caregivers typically say words such as “good job” to celebrate children’s work and instill in...

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Play IS Research: 6 Stages of Social Play

*Originally published on Becker’s Insights on Early Learning blog. “Play is the highest form of research.” ~Albert Einstein Since the start of my career as an early childhood educator, I’ve always advocated for play. It’s no secret in our profession that students learn and develop best when engaging in...

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10 Tips for Cultivating Kindness

*Originally published on Becker’s Insights on Early Learning blog. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~Aristotle Kindness can be taught. In the early years, students are just discovering how to learn, play, and work together in the school setting. And while most schools...

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Are Kids Failing Kindergarten Or Is It Failing Them?

*Originally published on Becker’s Insights on Early Learning blog. What happened to kindergarten? Is kindergarten the new first grade? Are kids failing kindergarten or is kindergarten failing them? Over the past two decades, kindergarten classrooms nationwide have become increasingly academic as a result of the pressures of high-stakes testing...

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Parent Partnerships: Volunteers for Learning

Parent partnerships are crucial! Creating a variety of opportunities for parents to volunteer throughout the year can truly change the dynamic of the classroom for the better. Rather than using parent volunteers for standard organizational tasks only, integrate opportunities for them to truly support instruction. They can provide the additional...

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