A Dozen Do’s for Student Teachers

It wasn’t that long ago when I was a wide-eyed, eager-to-learn student teacher. I remember those couple of months that I jokingly referred to as “free labor” to be challenging, enlightening, and rewarding. That quick snapshot in time undoubtedly laid the foundation for my first full-time position to follow....

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Teaching Inclusion Taught ME

Don’t stare. Keep your heads down. Eyes forward. My elementary school teachers, all of whom I loved and respected, uttered these kinds of things in the hallways whenever we passed THAT group of students, the ones who looked, sounded, or perhaps acted just a bit differently than my classmates...

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Instead of “NO”, Let’s Try…

NO!  STOP!  DON’T! Students hate to hear it. Teachers wish they didn’t have to say it. But, do negative words such as these really even work? And, when does “no” lose its luster? I’m reminded of just how much disciplinarians overuse these words at the start of each school year...

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EdCamp: Honoring Voice and Choice

Have you ever participated in an EdCamp? I’ve participated in and facilitated several and just can’t say enough about what a valuable professional learning model Edcamps are for educators, especially classroom teachers. If you like personalized learning experiences and engaging in authentic dialogue with other passionate educators, keep on reading! What...

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13 Animal Videos for PreK-3 Students

Animals are an essential part of the science curriculum. Here is a collection of 18 instructional animal videos and songs for PreK-3 learners, covering topics such as habitats, body coverings, methods of movement, food chains, hibernation, migration, and more! These clips are both educational and entertaining. I hope you find strategic...

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11 Plant Videos for PreK-3 Students

I think most teachers would agree that the best way to learn about plants is to actually plant one. Taking students on nature walks is another great way to bring the study of plants to life. In addition to these kinds of authentic, hands-on opportunities, finding ways to embed media can...

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Twitter Education Chats for Newbies

I don’t use Twitter for noteworthy news. I don’t use it for socializing with friends. I don’t use it for posting photos of my meals, nor do I use it for keeping up with the Kardashians. I use it for professional learning. Twitter is an incredible digital resource for educators...

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13 Tips for a Talkative Class

I LOVE my class this year. Diverse. Capable. Sweet. Unique. Enthusiastic. Energetic. Hard-working. Funny. Lovable. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of my first graders. But one more word that also comes to mind is…chatty. Very chatty. We are a work in progress with...

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