Animals are an essential part of the science curriculum. Here is a collection of 18 instructional animal videos and songs for PreK-3 learners, covering topics such as habitats, body coverings, methods of movement, food chains, hibernation, migration, and more! These clips are both educational and entertaining. I hope you find strategic ways to embed them within your regular instruction. If you know of any others, please share them in the comments section below!


1) ‘I Got a Habitat’ by THE MOTHER EARTH TOONS

2) ‘The Needs of an Animal’ by Harry Kindergarten Music

3) ‘Animal Forest’ by ShepardSoftwardCom

4) ‘The Elephant Song’ by Eric Herman

5) ‘The Animal Boogie’ by Barefoot Books

6) ‘What Animals Wear’ by AnimalWonders Montana

7) ‘If You’re a Kid [Animal Remix]’ by Harry Kindergarten Music

8) ‘Food Chain and Food Web Lesson’ by Turtlediary

9) ‘Classifying Animals’ by BrainPOP

10) ‘Yes, I Can | Animal Song for Children’ by Super Simple Songs

11) ‘What is a Food Chain? | The Dr. Binocs Show’ by Peekaboo

12) ‘Hibernate, Migrate’ by PBS Kids

13) ‘The Baby Animals Song’ by KidzTV123

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