13 Plant VideosI think most teachers would agree that the best way to learn about plants is to actually plant one.  Taking children on nature walks is another great way to bring the study of plants to life.  In addition to these kinds of authentic, hands-on opportunities, finding ways to embed media can greatly support instruction as well.  Here’s a compilation of 13 clips for early learners that cover plant basics.  I’ve previewed these songs and videos for quality, and hope you make good use of them.  If you know of any others, please share them in the comments section!

1) ‘Parts of a Plant’ with Dr. Binocs by Learn Series for Kids 2) ‘The Plant Song’ by Hayley Sims 3) ‘Peep Plants a Seed’ by Peep and the Big Wide World 4) ‘Peppa and George’s Garden’ by The Official Pat & Stan 5) ‘Plant Parts’ Song by Cwaleri 6) ‘How Do Plants Grow?’ by HooplaKidsTV 7) ‘How Does a Seed Grow?’ by Kids Want to Know 8) ‘The Needs of a Plant’ Song by Harry Kindergarten Music 9) ‘Plant a Tree’ Song by Patty Shukla Kids Music 10) ‘Tree Song’ by Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching 11) ‘Elmo’s World: Flowers Active’ by Sesame Street 12) ‘Parts of a Plant’ by Kids Edge 13) ‘From a Seed to a Flower’ by ChaiTeaDust

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