It’s official. The end of the school year checklist magically made its appearance in my mailbox. Summer is just around the corner! 

As I wrap up these last few weeks, I have to remind myself to focus on what matters most (and it’s not just checking off the those empty boxes).

My students have made incredible strides this year, and I need to make sure they realize it. I want them to soar into second grade feeling capable and confident for their next learning adventure. One small way I support this is through the use of end-of-the-year awards…

A few quick tips:

  • Avoid superlative language:  Steer clear of words like most, best, or greatest. The goal is to highlight excellence and not hurt feelings or demotivate in any way.                                        
  • Honor ownership:  Recognize distinguishing traits or characteristics that students can control. What is it that they consistently do that is special?
  • Give the deets:  Providing specific details will not only help students understand why they’ve earned the award, but your remarks may be treasured by parents for years to come also.

Here are 50 ideas of classroom traits that can be celebrated:

1) Aspiring Author
2) Math Whiz
3) Bookworm
4) Perfect Penmanship
5) History Buff
6) Mad Scientist
7) Word Wizard
8) Kindness Counts
9) Honest Abe
10) Inventive & Imaginative
11) Busy Bee
12) Simply Sweet
13) Brave Irene
14) Friendly Friend
15) Confident Kid
16) Super Studious
17) People Person
18) Chapter Book Champ
19) Poised Participator
20) Sharing is Caring
21) Phonics King/Queen
22) Rockstar Reader
23) Enthusiastic Energy
24) Outstandingly Organized
25) Curious George
26) Spunky Spirit
27) Wise and Witty
28) Superb Speller
29) Ray of Sunshine
30) Helping Hand
31) Lovely Listener
32) Mr./Miss Manners
33) Joy Spreader
34) Super Sportsmanship
35) Friendly Neighbor
36) Amazing Artist
37) Handwriting Hero
38) Technology Guru
39) Attention to Detail
40) Morning Person
41) Peace Maker
42) Awesome Attitude
43) Healthy Habits
44) Collaborative Kid
45) Grammar Guru

46) Homework Hero
47) Chore Champ
48) Team Leader
49) Spectacular Speaker
50) Stick-to-itiveness

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