As teachers, we want each student to feel special. We want them to feel like they are an ntegral part of our classroom community. Assigning a “community helper” job to every student not only promotes a sense of responsibility, but it can also help us maintain a smooth and successful learning environment. Here is a list of 50 cute and clever community helper jobs that can be adapted to meet the needs of your specific classroom. If you have any questions as to what these jobs may entail, I’m happy to help. Now, time to put these kids to work!

1) Line Leader
2) Door Holder
3) Caboose
4) Floor Inspector
5) Desk Deputy
6) Weather Tracker
7) Calendar Keeper
8) Librarian
9) Book Keeper
10) Messenger
11) Guest Greeter
12) Neighborhood Watch
13) Marine Biologist
14) Zoo Keeper
15) Botanist
16) Electrician
17) Computer Guru
18) Big Book Holder
19) Attendance Assistant
20) Dry Eraser
21) Time Keeper
22) ‘No Show’ Substitute
23) Recycler
24) Pencil Patrol
25) Sink Supervisor
26) Cubby Captain
27) Homework Checker
28) Table Washer
29) Recess Runner
30) Math Materials Manager
31) Nurse Buddy
32) Fountain Turn Tapper
33) Token Dropper
34) Postal Worker
35) Name Checker
36) Bathroom Monitor
37) Peace Keeper
38) “Oops” Assistant
39) Germ Fighter
40) Substitute Teacher’s Pet
41) Art Project Patrol
42) News Reporter
43) Fire Drill Chief
44) Sunshine Control
45)  Forget-Me-Not Reminder
46)  Bulletin Board Helper
47)  Noise Monitor
48)  Playground Equipment Carrier
49)  Pledge of Allegiance Leader
50)  Kindness Reporter

Any other ideas to add to the list?


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