It’s raining. It’s pouring. Your poor child is boring!

Here are five fun activities you can do at home with your child that promote learning when stuck inside on a rainy day.

1.  Make a Cake:  Cooking with children reinforces several important skills that will help your child succeed in the classroom. Not only does it require your child to work collaboratively, but it reinforces following directions and sequencing, which are pertinent skills needed when doing science experiments, retelling stories, solving math problems, etc. It’s also fun and can offer some good bonding time!
2.  Build A Fort:  Allow your child to build a fort using tables, couches, blankets, pillows, etc. Bring your child some books, writing/drawing supplies, stickers, magazines, and most importantly, a flashlight! Sometimes a change of scene is all it takes to get kids excited to read or write.
3.  Hidden Treasure:  Hide something special in the house such as a new toy, treat, funny note, etc. Then, create a map and write a set of directions for finding the treasure. Once discovered, change roles and have your child create the map and written directions! This activity reinforces reading, writing, and mapping skills in an exciting, new way.
4.  Talent Show:  Giving children the spotlight to show off special talents promotes creativity and oral language skills. Children are often asked to share/present in front of the class, so practicing in the comfort of the home is a perfect place to strengthen these skills.
5.  Sight Word Games:  Board games are perfect to play on a rainy day!  Why not make them educational, too? See my post Sight Words:  Practice with Popular Games. These games will help your child become a more fluent reader and writer.

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